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Guys, Len is the best! I have worked with therapists, coaches, consultants, and no one ever got to the root of my issues the way Len has. No one has ever been able to plug into my biggest vision and soul purpose the way Len has. She is insanely intuitive and even kind of psychic, so do not work with her if you don’t want her to “see” right through you. I have worked with Len for about a year, during which time my life has shifted enormously. I no longer have night terrors, I met and am now married to the love of my life, I have let some toxic friends and family members go from my life, and my health overall couldn’t be better. Len, thank you for everything.

Lorraine G. //LOS ANGELES

Movie-Based Counseling is an adventure! Len, you are something else. Came to MBC out of curiosity. Seemed like a fun idea and I was curious. I was bored. Holy sh%t! I have discovered more about myself and my life’s goals in 1 month than 10 previous years of counseling. You connect me with what’s fun, what my inner child/teen  REALLY wants, but then also my deeper yearnings and true burried feelings about things. I think everyone should do MBC and FCM. I think it should be required in high schools and colleges. For anyone wondering if you should work with Len, do it! She will be tough on you, but in a good way. She will give you homework every week. I’m so happy with everything I’ve learned about myself and where that’s now taking me. Career direction and personal relationships have improved 110% in profound ways.”

Tamara L. // LOS ANGELES

I discovered Len through an article she wrote that touched me deeply. I could feel she was a wise and heart-centered teacher and I was right. She is young but very wise. I have worked with Len for 10 months and it has been the best 10 months. I feel a spiritual reawakening taking place. It is amazing what movies can teach you about yourself. My favorite movie has a volcano in it. Doing MBC, I discovered that I have a volcano inside me that lays dormant and is now waking up. With Len’s guidance this imagery alone has helped me become my best self because I see myself as powerful, volcanic and fiery. I have taken away so many insights, it’s beyond my wildest hopes for this course. I love you Len. Thank you so much! I will continue doing MBC by myself probably forever. I wish I had a teacher or guidance counselor like you when I was much much younger but it’s never too late.

Angela W. // Washington, D.C./Italy

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