Increase Your Personal Power & Reawaken

Your Highest Life Purpose

If you're not waking up beyond excited every morning and you're not enjoying your life ... You need to tap into your sexy magnetic Inner Movie Star and claim your true star path!

During this free masterclass, you'll discover:

How to start receiving crazy amounts of boundless energy and creativity every day so you can work on fulfilling world-wide projects that genuinely fire you up

The #1 key to stepping into your Inner Movie Star, which will awaken your raw instinctual magnetism and catapult you into your highest purpose

An exciting groundbreaking method that uses your favorite movies and TV shows to facilitate personal transformation through fun and play (yessss dearie, you get to enjoy movies guilt-free!)

Become energetically irresistible to everything meant to help you and all those you are meant to elevate on your divine mission 

BONUS: All attendees will receive a Masterclass Guidebook in PDF!


Hi there, I'm LEN!

I am a Self-Empowerment Teacher who has been involved in the human potential movement, spirituality, Law of Attraction, and coaching women for 15 years! I also hold a B.A. in Psychology and a M.A. in Counselor Education from San Jose State University (and an almost-degree in Mathematics from UC Berkeley, which I never finished because it wasn't my passion).

My entire life's purpose and passion centers around the topic of self-actualization. I've also always been obsessed with movies and celebrities. Over the last few years, I developed my own self-help methodology called "Movie-Based Counseling," in which we use our favorite movies and TV shows to help us self-actualize. I believe that movies and TV shows aren't just mindless entertainment; they provide limitless fertile grounds for us to discover and excavate our true selves and get in touch with our soul's highest potential!

Other than that, I have triple citizenship (Serbia, Canada, USA) and reside in San Francisco Bay Area, California. I love travel, sun, the sound of ocean waves, photographing flowers, 5-star luxury hotels, and helping you discover your Inner Movie Star. We all have one and it wants to burst out and shine!

To Movie Magic & Star Light,


PS. If you enroll, I'll share with you what my favorite movie is and I'll teach you what yours says about your life purpose!

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