STAR ACTIVATION is a complimentary 30-min consultation session (carried over phone or Skype) with me, the Self-Empowerment Teacher Len Sone. Think of it as a stargate. As you now know, one of my soul movies is "Stargate"(1994). Stargate is a device that opens up a portal that transports people off-world, to other planets far away. Similarly, this session will be your portal to something extraordinary. In this case, the spectacular planet is: THE Movie Star Goddess Program

Your  STAR ACTIVATION session will be unlike anyone else's! We will revisit what you learned from the "Become the MOVIE STAR" video series about movies and yourself. I'll help you define and activate your STAR, i.e., your Self-Actualization. You'll have a breakthrough whether or not you end up enrolling in the coaching program. You'll also get to ask me any questions you might have about movie-based counseling and the MSG program.

Click HERE to download the complete MOVIE STAR GODDESS Program Brochure PDF


To apply for your STAR ACTIVATION session, you will need to fill out the application below. Please know that I will only contact back those whose application shows a genuine desire to work with me and learn movie-based counseling, interesting and thoughtful responses, clarity of mind, and the ability to pay the coaching program's tuition. 

Please check and recheck that your email address is accurate!!!

I will most likely get back to you within a few days to schedule your session. I'm looking forward to reading your responses and talking with you!

NOTE: It is best to fill out this application on a large screen where the text boxes have more writing space.

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